Virtual Office | Postal | Mail Address in Seychelles


Virtuelle Post Adresse Seychellen
Set up within 24 hours, guaranteed!

Your new, secure, virtual office / postal / mail address
No more nuisance lawsuit file
Just  299.00* for 12 months

For the WHOIS of your domain(s) and also for the imprint of your websites or your pseudonym for your book/eBook.
Simply order, pay with PayPal or VISA / MasterCard and get access to a secure postal / mail address in Seychelles with mail and scan service instantly.

Fair and reliable

A virtual office / postal / mail address from us and in the Seychelles is fair and reliable. And we have been proving this for more than 10 years. Approx. 300.000 domain names in Europe and websites, or worldwide approx. 5 million domains, have a WHOIS protection address in the Seychelles. Basically, almost every. tld (Top Level Domain) is capable of doing so.

Service capability

A variety of deliveries are possible through Google, Amazon, Icann ebay and many others. Your mail, when received, will be scanned and forwarded immediately, whether by email, mail, or mail delivery service/DHL. Anything is possible.

Simple, not complicated

No automatic subscriptions. No endless long-winded and unintelligible contracts. And no long-term commitment is needed. Also, no forms to fill and no proof of address. Easy and fast. 100% Privacy!

What could the new address look like?

POST Service & Consulting Limited
attn: your domain, website or eBook
Independence Ave. xxxxx
00000 Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles

 199.00 for 12 months

For a domain or a project
Incl. eMail address
and 25 postal scans

POST Service & Consulting Limited
attn:  your unique and anonymous ID
Independence Ave. xxxxx
00000 Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles

 299.00 for 12 months

Unlimited number of
domains and projects
Incl. desired eMail address
and 100 postal scans

Your freely designable free line

Bel Ombre Rd. xxxx
00000 Beau Vallon, Mahé, Seychelles

 399.00 for 12 months

A preferred address how to
would like to be freely designable.
incl. 100 postal scans

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