Virtual Postal / Mail Address in Seychelles


Within 24 hours

Your new, secure, virtual postal / mail address
Just € 199.00 for 12 months, guaranteed

Whether you need it for your domain names WHOIS protection or for your project’s imprint to have anonymity.
Simply order, pay with PayPal or VISA / MasterCard and get access to a secure postal / mail address in Seychelles with mail and scan service instantly.

Fair and reliable

A virtual postal / mail address from us and in the Seychelles is fair and reliable. And we have been proving this for more than 10 years. Approx. 300.000 domain names in europe and projects, or worldwide approx. 5 million domains, have a WHOIS protection address in the Seychelles. Basically, almost every. tld (Top Level Domain) is capable of doing so.

Service capability

A variety of deliveries are possible through Google, Amazon, Icann ebay and many others. Your mail, when received, will be scanned and forwarded immediately, whether by email, mail, or mail delivery service/DHL. Anything is possible.


No automatic subscriptions. No endless long-winded and unintelligible contracts. And no long-term commitment is needed. Also, no forms to fill and no proof of address. Easy and fast. Full anonymity!

What could the new address look like?


POST Service & Consulting Limited 
attn: your domain or project name
Independence Ave. xxxxx
00000 Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles 

 199.00 for 12 months Add to cart


POST Service & Consulting Limited 
attn: your unique and anonymous ID
Independence Ave. xxxxx
00000 Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles 

 399.00 for 12 months Add to cart


Your freespace
Bel Ombre Rd. xxxx

00000 Beau Vallon, Mahé, Seychelles

 299.00 for 12 months Add to cart

Security against written legal warnings

Protect yourself

Does receiving a written notices with high costs due to the slightest irregularity bug you? Do you want protection against invalid warnings? If so, this is for you. Protect yourself and your domain names or projects against unjust warnings from suspect lawyers and unfair practices by some associations.

Without a fee

With an virtual post address on the Seychelles, warnings will be delivered by mail as well, but without a fee. This means you have all the time in the world to resolve possible mistakes or to decide whether the warning or allegation are correct and valid.

Authorized or unauthorized

Such lawyers send warnings with a fee of approximately 1000.00 USD or more, whether it is justified or not. This won’t happen to you with a virtual address on the Seychelles. In most cases, lawyers just let it go, due to national laws can not be enforced on the Seychelles.

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Representative Address

Representative address

Do you run a business or project and want to stand out by using an representative address? Your letterhead and business cards become brilliant using a virtual address on the Seychelles.


Open your eyes and look around, there are already many companies already using an address on the Seychelles. You can have this benefit too, utilizing the WOW-effect. It will great looking when there is beside your home address an Seychelles address on your invoices and letterhead.

100 % delivery guaranteed

100 % delivery guaranteed. This means all your mail (100%) be delivered properly and will be forwarded to you. Not a fake-address. True mail-forwarding. You won’t miss anything.

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Domain privacy and whois protection

Protect your privacy

You don´t want everyone knowing which domains you have registered or which domain names you already own? Especially not your neighbors? Not because you have something to hide but to protect your personal privacy. Have also a domain whois protection.

Comply with all ICANN policies

With a virtual postal / mail address on the Seychelles you not only hide the personal data of the domain keeper, also unwanted contact attempts and SPAM are attempts reduced. Nevertheless, compliance with all ICANN relevant Registration Guidelines and Domainname Terms and Conditions stay ensured.

No spam and abuse

By the virtual address on the Seychelles you profit from the highest level of privacy and anonymity. This is guaranteed by us, as a link between you and the WHOIS databases. Instead of your private data ,only your virtual address on the Seychelles shows up. Your private data stays protected from SPAM and abuse by third parties.

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Whois protection

No data to 3rd parties

WHOIS Systems are spidered by Bots daily, to find new data for spam campaigns or time consuming services. Furthermore, there are automatic systems trying to create clusters of domain name holders, to prepare written warnings or just to analyse and record your data to sell to third parties.

German admin-c address

Protect yourself and your data with an address on the Seychelles, a reliable address and with real postal address delivery. Optionally, if you wanted a .de domain name, we offfer a German address, represented by a German lawyer as the Admin-C- He will be a corresponding address for the delivery consents.

Scanned, post or courier

Regarding your mail, it is up to you whether it you want it to be scanned, sent to you by postal service or courier. Beside postal addresses, we provide an anonymous eMail service with automatic forwarding.

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Protection of project’s requirements and imprints

Protect your project

You are running projects, but you don´t want to appear in the imprint in person, because of private reasons or because of competitors or whatever – protect your project with a virtual address in the Seychelles.

No empty fake address

Stay reachable by postal forwarding / mail transfers with a real, summonable delivery address.

Anonymizing your imprint

By the anonymity of your imprint and project you stay in the background and you can operate soberly. Building up your business, without anybody watching you or disturbing you or looking at what you are doing.

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Open offshore company


Do you want to build up your online business independent of your actual location? Want to escape the systems that hinder you, like warnings, bookkeeping, taxes? Then the idea of an offshore company might be the right one!

First step

It could be the first step into a new independence. You can administer your domain names and online projects through an Seychelles offshore company in the future. You create values outside of your actual location, you don´t have to be worried at an eventual move to another country over taxes issues, and so much more.

Best solution

Let us work together and find the optimal solution for you. Not every way is appropriate and not every construct leads to the right result, but with our 10 years of experience we will find a solution for sure, and we guarantee that it will be individually designed for you.

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Digital Nomad

Wireless life

You have discovered your independence and a wireless life for yourself. You are a traveller who chooses your workations yourself and who have escaped the system. The only thing missing is an independent postal address! Get your own virtual address on the Seychelles!

Inexpensive cost structure

Your post arrives 100% and then lands immediately in your email, no matter where or in which co-working spaces you are at the time in the world. All this for a sensational price! Our cost structure is simple and fair, because there is only one lump sum and no further hidden costs.

Sympathetic and credible

On top of that you don´t owe anything to anyone, because they are collecting the post. At the same time you show the world that you are not only a digital nomad, but also your address. This does not only make you more sympathetic, but also more creditable, showing your consistency.

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Expansion of location

Companies outsource

You are already successful and play with the thought to build up more locations, whether simply to let your presence look better or because you wish to outsource parts of your company. Then for sure we are the right contact and a business address in the Seychelles is the right choice for a better image.

Seychelles Offshore company

The next step would possibly be an Seychelles offshore company, but before you do, you might want to check out first what is really important, how it is seen by customers and if it makes sense for you. It makes sense! Write an email to: or visit and learn more.

Patents, licenses, trademarks

Also, when it is about to registering licenses, trademark rights, patents in a private way, so that competitors or any third parties notice this, then the Seychelles as a correspondence address is also the first choice, especially with the right virtual address.


Virtual Seychelles Postal Address


12 month one-time fee


Virtual Post Address

12 months valid

One domainname or project

Include 25 scans

Include one eMail Address

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12 month one-time fee


12 months valid

Additional eMail Address

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12 month one-time fee


12 months valid

German admin-c Address

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12 month one-time fee


Virtual Post Address

12 months valid

Unlimited Domainnames

Unlimited Projects

Include 100 scans

Special created eMail Address

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