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Seychelles Individual Address

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Seychellen Individual

Seychelles Individual

€ 399.00 for 12 months

  • Virtual address Seychelles
  • Valid for a 12-month term
  • For your company or private
  • On bills, letters, business cards
  • 100 Postal Scans included
  • One desired address for your eMail

Fair, serious and reachable

Have a nice Seychelles address for your company with our virtual address package „Seychelles Individual“. You can use the virtual address for all your Bills, Letters, the WHOIS of domain-name and/or the „Imprint“.
The address is valid 12 months, no subscription model, no automatic renewal. You decide if you want to use the address for another 12 months.
If you decide to have the service for another 12-month term, you can use it for the same cost. If you don‘t want it, the contract will expire. No reminder, no warnings, no trouble. Simple, fast and reliable.

For the 12 month period, we scan each envelope of incoming letters on the same day it arrives. You decide, whether we open the envelope and do a scan, or if you want the letter via DHL, then you just have to pay the actual price. It is always your decision.

If you have any further questions or something is unsure or you have an idea to make the service better, so don‘t hesitate to contact us.
As well you might check our FAQ first, there might be an answer to your question. Just have a look.

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POST Service & Consulting Limited
attn: your domain or project name
Independence Ave. xxxxx
00000 Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles

 199.00 for 12 months

POST Service & Consulting Limited
attn:  your unique and anonymous ID
Independence Ave. xxxxx
00000 Victoria, Mahé, Seychelles

 299.00 for 12 months

Your free-space
Bel Ombre Rd. xxxx
00000 Beau Vallon, Mahé, Seychelles

 399.00 for 12 months

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